Creating well-crafted words for beautiful products.

I help arts and culture, heritage, and creative industries to develop and delight their audiences by putting their beautiful products to well-crafted words.

My approach puts the evocative, but often complex, language of art writing into laypersons terms. This aims to improve the accessibility of art and design.

It inspires existing audiences. It attracts a broad range of new customers. Artists find it a refreshing and valuable way to interpret their work.

I am an experienced writer, arts marketer and maker, and so understand art and design businesses – from the first flash of inspiration through to hanging a piece on your customer’s wall.

View my portfolio for a selection of key projects, or check out my detailed article list.


Whether you love punderful wordplay, are more poetic or have a formal brand tone, you can rely on my ability to get to grips with your organisation, write to your tone and engage your audience.

My creative background means that my writing offers an expertise and authenticity which counteracts many ideas of pushy sales-driven ‘marketing copy’. I write for a broad range of purposes, from few-thousand-word art history articles, to punchy product descriptions.

Business Writing

I love all those tasks where you need to be a creative thinker, highly responsive… and downright picky. Data insights, reports, policies and grant applications all draw on this skill set.

Use my specialist industry experience and contextual knowledge to enrich your business documents.

Marketing Services

I have a hands-on-can-do attitude and broad range of experience, including strategic development, project management, WordPress, Mailchimp and Shopify.

This brings a whole host of marketing skills to your table. I can help you make the most of your copy investment; from your initial tone guidelines document, to strategic planning, keyword research, content planning… and doing the writing!

I am Rebecca Hardy (née Wombell) and it’s good to meet you! I love writing about art and design to grow audiences – sharing the enjoyment and wellness benefits that art and design can offer.

I’ve been in marketing for over a decade, working with arts organisations, festivals and practitioners, and also exhibiting my own artwork.

Mum, whisky drinker, woodland explorer, gig goer.

Galleries and Museums

Art and Craft Retail

Artists and Makers

Homeware and Furniture

Specialist Publications

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