Wendy Ramshaw: Rooms of Dreams

This exhibition was originated by The Harley Gallery in partnership with Ruthin Craft Centre and toured across the UK.

Wendy Ramshaw RDI, OBE, CBE was a leading designer who changed the language of jewellery. Her work ranged from grand public artworks to tiny gold rings made for baby princesses.

Just as your wedding ring reminds you of your special day, or a locket might remind you of the person that gave you the jewellery, the jewellery in the Room of Dreams tells stories. This is an installation bursting with fairytales and mythical characters, including a necklace inspired by the Miller’s daughter in Rumpelstiltskin, who had to weave straw into
gold, to rings made for Alice in Wonderland, which take their inspiration from Alice swimming in a pool of her own tears.

Rooms of Dreams took her ‘Room of Dream’ installation as a starting point and showed it contextualized by her wider oeuvre.

For this exhibition, I wrote the press releases and main website copy, plus I developed the content for a dedicated mini-site.

Petrified Lace Collar - archive web page for Wendy Ramshaw Rooms of Dreams
Alice's Key and pool of Tears by Wendy Ramshaw. Website Archive for the Rooms of Dreams exhibition

The exhibition attracted widespread acclaim, including a 4 star review in The List.

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

Wendy Ramshaw: Rooms of Dreams – Harley Gallery

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