Gift Guide: 5 Beautiful Necklace Ideas to Show Them How Much You Care

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Stuck for gift ideas for Christmas? If you’re looking for a gift that shows how much you care, a thoughtfully chosen piece of jewellery is always a winner.

Before setting out on your jewellery buying spree, it’s worth doing a little planning. Keep an eye on what kind of jewellery your intended recipient wears – do they prefer silver or gold? Do they like dainty, classic pieces or bold statement jewellery? If there’s a particular pendant necklace that looks really wonderful on them, see if you can discreetly measure how long the chain is.

Once you’ve narrowed down your search a little, you can have fun shopping for something really special. Here are 5 ideas for necklaces that will show how much you care.

Hand-Made Jewellery

Shopping for a unique piece from an artisan jeweller is a great experience. These makers have spent many years honing their craft, and can often create bespoke pieces to your exact requirements. Take a look through Instagram for ideas, and try your local gallery shop for artisans in your area. Not only does hand-made jewellery feel extra special as so much love and attention goes into making it, by buying you are supporting a small business, too. Take a look at this curated selection of necklaces from Gallery Top in Derbyshire for some inspiration.

Heirloom Jewellery

Perhaps you want to show how much you care with a piece of luxury jewellery? Diamonds really are forever and are especially beautiful at Christmas as they catch the sparkling lights. Look for an iconic design to make the most of an investment piece. Tiffany’s really are timeless, or consider a vintage pendant like the Vintage Alhambra necklace from Van Cleef and Arpels as a forever piece.

Rainbow Necklaces

Whether your loved one is a key worker or you simply wish to look forwards to a bright new year, rainbow jewellery is a poignant and beautiful design to look for this Christmas. And remember, whilst they are cute and playful – rainbows can be elegant too. This pendant from Swarovski has an art deco aesthetic, while the Coeur De Lion classic rainbow cube necklace has a crisp geometric design.

Personalised Necklaces

There are some really great personalised necklaces available at the moment, which go far beyond the traditional engraved or letterform pendant. Zodiac signs and constellations look wonderful as necklaces, and jewellers like Bloom Boutique can personalise jewellery with birthstones to symbolise the whole family. Other jewellers can take impressions of treasured keepsakes to create personalised pieces – think of children’s fingerprints or the petals from a wedding bouquet. Try Cast and Found for ideas.

Hidden Messages

The modern interpretation of a locket, hidden message necklaces allow you to send a sweet secret message in your jewellery gift. They are also a great idea for favourite movie lines, poems, or swear words! Necklaces using micro carving, Morse code or even sound waves can all tell your loved one how you feel.

Have fun with your jewellery gift buying this Christmas to really show how much you care. There is a huge range of products out there, but with a little planning and thought you can find the perfect gift.

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